Innovative and highly effective new marketing strategies are made possible by the over 16 years of painstaking effort of Bruce and Kristine Harrison to intelligently digitize and connect the dots of recorded history. The term ancestral marketing was coined by Tom Nocera in 2002 after consulting with the Harrisons in Hawaii about future business applications of their monumental effort to create "the world's most networked resource for researching distant family histories."  

By 2010 a number of Ancestral Marketing tools and strategies were ready to implement with the goal of producing new, on-going and previously untapped financial benefits to companies like CKX, Inc., whose unique business model includes the on-going marketing of intellectual property rights to benefit the descendants of Elvis Presley and the family of Muhammad Ali.

What are some of the ways Ancestral Marketing strategies may be utilized in business plans for marketing icons today?

The first step is the identification and verification of the hundreds of surnames in the Family Forest (R) as being family names having direct ancestral ties to the icon.  The icon's relatives will share and pass down their surnames forever.

Obtaining this important list requires a computer run of one of Millisecond Publishing Company's (MPC) proprietary software applications.  Each list provides a significant new "target market" which can be exploited by one or more of the applications outlined below.

NOTE: This list will need to be updated from time to time as many new family surnames are becoming connected within the Family Forest every day. 
Ancestral Marketing is also a new building block for public relations.  The PR plan is next re-structured to specifically include "sticky" viral marketing content for social networking websites.  This can be done using appropriate video clips featuring the icon along with newly discovered information about his expanding family, and interesting details from his deep family history, and more. 
Examples: Ancestral Marketing Blog:
Ancestral Marketing News Release:

Ancestral Marketing should be cost effectively introduced to vast audiences via "value added"  interactive genealogy modules on movie oriented websites, on DVD's of historic genre films, of concerts, or entertainment programs including some historic sporting events.  The entire Family Forest content can now be licensed for inclusion as a module on DVD's of the motion pictures featuring a specific Hollywood icon.
Ancestral Marketing can be carried out with special "family- oriented" events and attention grabbling "family only" promotions -  which may include special "family member" discounts on swag, tickets or DVD rentals or downloads.  The "Kissing Cousins" soundtrack is the perfect compliment and should be incorporated frequently in the Ancestral Marketing of Elvis.  Ancestral Marketing events should include reunions, retreats, group tours, cruises, and group travel to specific world wide locations where known events took place.  Examples for CKX's icons Elvis and Muhammad Ali include various locations in Las Vegas, Tupelo, Ocean Springs and Biloxi in Mississippi; New York City (i.e. Ed Sullivan Theatre, Madison Square Garden); Hernando County, FL; Kauai and Oahu, HI; and other locations where Elvis made a movie, staged unique concerts, or where Muhammad Ali once boxed.
Ancestral Marketing also can be implemented to "captive markets" via interactive computer kiosks running the Family Forest's (TM) software.  This is envisioned as being available for access on the television screens located in Elvis theme hotel rooms, and in hotel lobbies, or in the public areas of airports, convention centers, and casinos.
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A broader "Ancestral Travel" component would be designed to provide national and international promotional opportunities for promotion of both icons.   Specific locations in Scotland, England, Germany and other of Elvis' ancestral homelands can be targeted through another of the Family Forest's (TM) proprietary applications.  
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